Bologna Father’s Day

Raviole of San Giuseppe: a sweet gift for daddy

In Italy Father’s Day, Festa del papà, has been celebrated on March 19th (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. In Bologna traditionally we prepare the Raviole, yummy cookies filled with my favourite jam: the mostarda.

They are amazing for breakfast or even better after dinner dipped in Albana passito, a great dessert wine from Romagna. I love thier softness and the contrast between the buttery and sweet flavour of the pastry and the sour taste of the filling.

Alternatively you can use a plum or apricot jam, cream or chocolate, but the most traditional filling is the MOSTARDA which is prepared with pears and apple quince.

In the past the Raviole were offered to the poorest or simply left out of the window to celebrate the end of the winter. A legend says that the distinctive cookie’s shape comes from the Carabinieri (national gendarmerie)’s hat.
St. Joseph on his flight to Egypt escaped from the Carabineiri taking with him their hat!

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