I am a 100% bolognese professional TOUR GUIDE in Bologna since 2013. After a year of hard study about Emilia-Romagna I passed the Italian board exams to become a Licensed Tour Guide for Bologna, Parma, Modena, Ravenna, Ferrara, Rimini, Forlì, Piacenza. I like to picture my life as a lasagna, which is my family’s favorite dish. When you make lasagna each ingredient requires a long preparation. Only for the ragù, minimum 3 hours of cooking! Well, my life is certainly a long preparation for my loved profession: TOUR GUIDE. INGREDIENTS:
  • green egg pasta – in 2006, once graduated in Communication from the University of Bologna, I founded Geniusloci ( in latin “soul of my land”), a cultural association aimed to promote Bologna’s heritage. Then my passion for guiding started. I organized my first cultural events and educational tours BOLOGNA SOTTOSOPRA (upside down): on top of the Towers and in the underground canals of Bologna!;  
  • red ragù (bolognese sauce) – for two incredible years my office was in a frescoed XVIIth palace in Piazza Santo Stefano where I worked as communication expert promoting the art of Italian bookmaking for FMR-Marilena Ferrari;
  • white bechamel – from the historical city centre to the charming hillside…I became executive assistant for the Dean of Bologna’s Business School located in the amazing Villa Guastavillani; 
  • yellow parmesan cheese – I explored deeply the city, theatres, museums and festivals, as local journalist for the national newspaper LaRepubblica
  • salt and pepper – some adventure by car on the outskirts of Bologna and beyond as business developer for a financial agency and marketing assistant for a great company selling repellents branded VAPE.  
I ♥ cooking and I like both bolognese and mediterranean cuisine. Bologna is a wonderful place, international, attractive and surprising. My hometown since 1981, where I live happily with my family, my adored husband and kids. Year after year I learn more about my land. I am thankfull to all the people I have worked and I work with, in the city and beyond. In summer I use to spend July in Cervia, near Ravenna and during the rest of the year I like exploring around Bologna our amazing region, Emilia-Romagna. I ♥ travelling and narrating. I look forward to meeting you! Write me to plan your visit!