I have been living in Bologna since my early years, when I was attending the “Edmondo De Amicis”, the first public elementary school built in the city dating back 1898. I then graduated in Communication sciences at the University of Bologna (the oldest in Europe!), with full marks and laude. In 2006 I founded the cultural association Geniusloci with the purpose to promote the knowledge of my region. I loved to arrange an edutainment project reserved to the children, giving them the opportunity to discover the history of Bologna’s waters. 


The underground course of the Aposa stream


Sottosopra with a special guest: Dante Alighieri!

In 2013 I decided to turn my passions into a profession and I became an authorised tourist guide. So here I am waiting for you to visit Bologna and its region together!
My love for Bologna and its region has grown bigger year after year. By now, every time I come back from a trip I experience such a comforting homey, welcoming, feeling. 
The more I spend time planning new tours the more I realise what a rich cultural heritage Emilia Romagna has to offer. The chance to work in such an environment represents a heavy burden, but a great privilege as well.

Before becoming a professional full-time tourist guide, I was lucky to work inside two of the most amazing buildings of the city. Both secret jewels of Bologna. I feel that Palazzo Bovi Tacconi and Villa Guastavillani inspired my resolution to get the Tour Guide License! 


Villa Guastavillani, seat of the University of Bologna’s Business school, where I worked two years as Executive Assistant. I loved to take teachers and students on visit to the beautiful Grotta del Ninfeo!

Palazzo Bovi Tacconi

Palazzo Bovi Tacconi, one’s of Bologna loveliest building facing Santo Stefano square. Former seat of the Fondazione FMR, where I used to take visitors on a journey to discover the Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship

Then I have to thank you my little boys. During all my pregnancy, I was definitely happy, confident, and resolute. That allowed me to study intensely and, finally, successfully pass the hard “Tour guide exam”!


The immense beauty of a book about Antonio Canova, with a real marble cover! Applied arts go into creating a work of total art in book form. I remember when, before leaving the office, I had to cover this book with a velvet cloth. The ancient scent of the handmade paper, the colours of the watermarking and the beauty of Bodoni’s typographic printing, filled me with joy.

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