In each region of Italy, our profession is strictly regulated, in order to assure our visitors the best services and serious organisation in leading the visit. Our Law 47/07 art.10 + the additional Dir. 2005/36/CE art.5 distinguish specific rules for the tourist guide in Bologna and heavy fines or sanctions for unauthorized people.

Half day tour (approx 3 hours): 120 euro per group

Full day tour (approx 6 hours): 240 euro per group

On request shorter itineraries are possible, rate to be agreed

Ex: a guided tour to an exhibition (approx 1 hour): 80 euro per group

Please contact me in advance to check my availability!

Torri Tour

The incredible Torre Prendiparte (900-year-old), offers spectacular views across the city of Bologna

For group up to 7 people radioguides (the guide speaks into a small microphone and participants listen in disposable headphones) are not essential. I can use my loudspeaker when necessary!

For group of more than 7 people it is better to rent radioguides. These devices becomes compulsory if you want to visit the Basilica of San Petronio.

The rental company is AUDIOSYSTEM http://www.touraudiosystem.com and serves the whole region Emilia Romagna. Audiosystem hand delivers and hand collects devices wherever specified by the customer.

Rental rates (2016):
Euro 1.50 per person – half day
Euro 2.00 per person – full day