Bologna Carnevale

Me during a tour with the puppets

It’s Carnevale! Time to enjoy the masquerades and the puppet shows. In the 19th century Bologna was the city in Italy where the puppets were most popular. Still today they represent a wonderful entertainment for adults and kids. Luckily there are people passionate like Riccardo who keeps alive this beautiful tradition. Together we take tours that combines the puppetry’s history with performance all around Piazza Maggiore, both during the Carnival and in summer. Read my article about our tour dedicated to Wolfango!

A beautiful tour in the footsteps of Wolfango
A beautiful tour in the footsteps of Wolfango
Balanzone in front of the Town Hall

Don’t miss a visit to Bologna at the beginning of March! The Carnival atmosphere is magical! The most typical mask from Bologna is Balanzone (in the picture), the perfect Bolognese professor, one who loves teaching as much as eating! Balanzone has a big belly and red cheeks due to his love for red wine.

The green tortelloni of the Carnival are named after him Balanzoni. They are my favorites, filled with ricotta cheese and mortadella! Yummy! (don’t worry, the restaurants often have them in the menu all year round!)