Torri tour

Every SATURDAY at 3 PM from Piazza Maggiore (Tourist office) – 2 HOURS

After winding our way through the checkerboard of towers and beaten paths of the city center, we will pause to admire the city from 60 meters up in the Prendiparte Tower, second only in height to the Asinelli Tower. The panoramic view from the tower’s terrace is absolutely stunning.  logo_TT_word (2)The Torri Tour includes:

  • my guided tour of the city centre
  • visit to the Asinelli Tower’s Rocchetta (my Tour is the only allowed to enter!)
  • visit to the Prendiparte Tower

Full ticket: 15 euro

Reduced ticket: 12 euro, for children aged 5-12 years old.locandinatorri

For groups over 15 people: wecan arrangea TOWER BREAK experience, an innovative tour which is able to reserve many surprises. Let’s start visiting the city centre in the shadow of the medieval towers, special protagonists of a suggestive tale about the Bolognese cuisine,  go grocery shopping in the historical shops to select together the best of the bolognese culinary tradition, then let’s go inside the Prendiparte Tower to relive the history of Bologna, tasting the products of the territory paired with a glass of wine on the panoramic terrace. For the most curious, the tour “in the kitchen of the Prendiparte Tower” gives opportunity to learn the art of the pasta handmade with the rolling pin, during the cooking show of Carla Cavicchioli, a true Bolognese “sfoglina”, which still safeguard the ancient art of freshly pasta making. And then taste a local speciality, tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne, in the evocative Prison Room.

Price per person: 45/50 euro – Booking: BolognaWelcome